About the Cover - The Hambrick Family

Changing the World through Service to Others

By Brittany Kirkland

Randel and Steve Hambrick are your Paulding neighbors who possess the strength of giants and the love of saints. The couple left their home in Orlando with hopes of planting the seeds of their ideas for a ministry in Paulding almost a decade ago. In 2009, Vintage 242, finally bloomed with the intentions of “transforming the community through the love of Jesus.”

Before Vintage 242 would become a reality, the two discovered their love for each other and Jesus was something they shared. This love would ultimately brew until it would birth both their family and now, their church family.

Randel and Steve are both from the Atlanta area. Randel grew up in Marietta, and Steve spent his childhood in East Cobb, although their first encounter would happen across the country in Omaha, Nebraska years later.

Randel, who was taking a leave of absence from her career as a pharmaceutical rep, decided to take a leap of faith and follow her heart by enrolling in a school of ministry in Omaha. One day, she received a random email from a man she had never met before inquiring about the school. This man, was none other than Steve, and a mutual friend of the two divulged Steve about Randel’s new journey at the school of ministry.

As intrigued as Steve was, he reached out to Randel. So, the two arranged to meet to further discuss his questions the following weekend. Randel gushes that, “we met, sparks flew, and the rest is history!” The two would later marry in August of 2001.

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The pair shared the desire to spread God’s love and message to others, but before they became leaders of their church, they went to school with different paths in mind. While Randel graduated from the University of Alabama with a degree in Communications, she worked in the pharmaceutical sales industry for 13 years. She also worked in college ministry for six years before Vintage 242 was launched in 2009, where she is currently over Mission and Outreach.

Steve earned his BA in Journalism and Advertising from the University of Georgia before he decided to go after his MA in Theology from Asbury Seminary. He spent 11 years working in college ministry before the launch of Vintage 242, where he currently serves as the lead pastor.

Before the pair began their journey at Vintage 242, they commenced an adventure as parents. Their oldest, Anna Katherine, just turned 15 and is in the 9th grade. She is quite the athlete, as she’s on the varsity cross country team, track team, softball team, and fishing team at Mount Paran. Their youngest daughter, Sara, is 13 and in 8th grade, and also enjoys being active as she is on the softball and volleyball teams at Mount Paran.

Steve has a love for fishing, just as Anna Katherine does, while Randel enjoys traveling the world and making new memories.

As a family, the crew loves to travel, which gives them the opportunity to expose the kids to different experiences and cultures. The family also enjoys watching UGA football together, spending time on the lake, and dining at unique restaurants. Don’t challenge this family to a game of Spades, though! They’ve declared they all have some pretty amazing card-playing skills, so challenge them to a game if you dare.

The family also spends a lot of their time at Vintage 242, where they have put a ton of love and dedication into seeing that Jesus’ word and love is spread throughout the community. In 2014, Randel and Steve established a foster care ministry at Vintage 242, which they named Fostering Hope. They currently have 10 foster families they have been nurturing and helping for the past four years.

Randel shared, “We love investing into children in need and the families they come from. We believe fostering is a beautiful way to bring God’s kingdom into our community and change the trajectory of children’s lives and their families.”

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The couple also serves on a mission board with an organization known as Partners, they serve on the Transformation Network Board, which is a church planting network, in addition to serving on the board for Story International, which is a mission agency serving orphans in Guatemala.

This New Year will bring exciting opportunities for Randel and Steve to continue to serve the community and the world! They plan on visiting missionaries and taking mission trips to Scotland, California, India, and Guatemala.

We hope the Hambricks inspire families to continue to serve communities, not just in your own backyard, but across the globe.

We wish them and everyone a Happy New Year’s and several more to come!