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Finding the Meaning of Love in Each Other

By Brittany Kirkland

Valentine’s Day is creeping into the crevices of everyone’s minds, tipping us all off to the fact that it’s about that time to show a little more love than we normally do when we’re typically autopiloting through the day. And although many may argue that we should be showing our loved ones how much we love them every day, Valentine’s is a little different. It’s the only day (amongst birthdays and anniversaries) that a lack of those lovely grand gestures would certainly pit someone who didn’t put the effort in right into the doghouse. So, no one can really pretend like it’s not a big deal because it surely is!

Travis and Nikki Kellum are our Paulding newlyweds who remind us of what it’s like to be young, in love, and excited about the future. A beautiful reminder as we approach Valentine’s Day that the meaning of love is often found in the very ones we love.

Couples like them show us that love is somewhat like a plant. Something that requires real work out of us. Forcing us to tend to our love, nurturing it, while making space for patience; all if we expect our love connections to not only grow or be maintained, but to thrive.

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Travis grew up in Paulding County, while his bride is fairly new to the area. The two made the move into the county after their wedding last April. For them, Paulding was their ideal location being that it was closest to both of their families.

By trade, Travis is an electrician. He works for his father’s company, Electrical Services Unlimited, while Nikki works for Genuine Parts Company as a Process Improvement Analyst.

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The two have known each other pretty much their entire lives, but in 2012 Travis made the move that would prompt the love birds to commence courting.

When Travis decided it was time to pop the question to Nikki, he prepared a surprise candlelit dinner served up with her favorite cheesecake at his parent’s lake house. The dinner wasn’t the only surprise, as Nikki would soon discover after dinner when Travis got down on one knee to propose to his then girlfriend.

When Travis is not working on his family business, he finds joy in watching movies with Nikki, playing softball, and hunting. And like the rest of us, Nikki loves the occasional Netflix binge, especially when it comes to binge-worthy shows like the Gilmore Girls.

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With Valentine’s Day on our heels, Travis wants to understandably keep his plans for his wife on the hush.

When asked what was the best part about marriage, Travis divulged that getting to bother Nikki whenever he wants has definitely been a pro, but the Paulding native couldn’t leave out that he loves coming home to Nikki and being able to talk to her about any and everything. By the same token, Nikki shared that the best part about marriage is knowing that she gets to come home to her best friend every night.

Hopefully, this Valentine’s Day, Travis and Nikki’s story inspires you to show your appreciation to your loved ones. We hope that it inspires everyone to put in the work that love needs to blossom.