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The Jones Family

The Jones Family

David and Dorothy Jones touched down in Paulding County in July 2008. They initially had no idea the city of Dallas existed, but while on leave from Ramstein Air Base in Germany and searching for a place to call home, David’s uncle suggested they see it for themselves. Dallas instantly catapulted to the top of their list. “The potential to cement ourselves in a sprouting city was very important to us and Dallas seemed like the perfect community to start our family.”

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David, a native of Georgia, grew up in Columbus. He attended The Art Institute of Atlanta, where he studied cinematography and developed his passion for the arts. Before finishing, he decided to follow his dad’s footsteps into the military and joined the Air Force, where he served 12 years and became a decorated veteran.

Dorothy grew up in a small town in northwestern Louisiana. She attended the University of Louisiana Monroe and graduated with a Bachelor’s of Science in Nursing.

David and Dorothy met while he was stationed at Barksdale AFB in Louisiana on January 4, 1999. He loves telling the story of how they met.

“It reminds me of a scene from [a] romantic movie. I was new in town and decided to venture out to see what Shreveport had to offer. I was fresh off a two year tour from Okinawa, Japan and excited to be back in the states. At the same moment, Dorothy was enjoying winter break from her sophomore year of college. Our paths crossed when I stopped her and asked her for directions. She was kind enough to point me in the proper direction, and then wouldn’t you know, I ended up parking at the only space available directly beside her; and as they say… the rest is history.”

Their adventure began January 8, 2001, as family and friends gathered at a small military chapel to witness the couple promise forever. Soon after, David received orders to his 3rd overseas base in Turkey. During their time there, the couples traveled to beautiful sites like Cappadocia to see the homes carved into the valley walls and vacationed at amazing resorts. However, midway through his tour, all women and children were forced to evacuate because of tension brewing in the Middle East.

Saying goodbye was the hardest thing to do, and not knowing how long that goodbye would last made it even worse. It was during this six month separation from Dorothy that David revisited his childhood dream with photography. “I needed something to keep my mind busy and with my camera I am able to control moods, expressions, every detail.”

Within two years, David opened his very first photography studio in Landsthul, Germany while stationed at Ramstein. It was during this 4th tour in Germany that Dorothy put her nursing skills to work as the Manager of the Neurosurgery Department at Landsthul Regional Hospital. She oversaw hundreds of brain trauma patients from the war. “It was tough witnessing these young warriors in these bad conditions, but I was there to serve as well… we made sure we did everything we could for them.” Working with these soldiers prepared Dorothy for her current position as a Nurse Case Manager at Wellstar Kennestone Regional Medical Care in Kennesaw.

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After many years abroad and with each goodbye appearing longer, the pair decided to embark an another adventure outside the military. “I’m proud to have served my country. I miss putting on that uniform every single day, but I had to follow my heart and step out in faith.”

Today, David is quite the entrepreneur. Not only is he a savvy real estate agent, but David uses his passion and love for photography in his own media company called DavidJonesMedia.com. As an amazing photographer, he is a master of lighting, styling, and creative detail. He has often used his talents on the incredible sports covers of Our Town.

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Starting a family was another reason why the couple decided to leave the military lifestyle. In September 2014, the couple welcomed their only child Darcy Jones. She is a happy bundle of energy, and they love keeping her physically active and learning. Darcy loved the beach, being involved in gymnastics, dance and ballet, and is also dad’s best Photographer’s Assistant.


“Darcy is our gift from heaven,” Dorothy states. “After 14 years of waiting, we were blessed with this amazing little lady and she has totally changed our lives. Fourteen years of crossing borders and chasing dreams as a family of two gave way to the both of us being laser focused at the honor it is to be able to guide and love one of God’s precious creations.”