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The Perry Family

The Perry Family


Paulding’s “small town charm” is near and dear to many of her residents. It is the reason the Perry family has called this home since 2008. 

Greg and Nicole Perry moved to Georgia from Chicago wanting to establish roots and raise a family. They chose Paulding because it was the best of both worlds being close to their favorite restaurants, shopping, and the lake.

Greg is originally from Louisiana and Nicole is a native of the Windy City. They met there after Greg found work in the public relations industry. Being the “new guy in town,” Chicago was a very adventurous city for Greg. A mutual friend played match maker and introduced the two of them. “Dating a “northern” gal was very exciting for me, as dating a “Southern” guy was to her. Having a beautiful lady help me get acclimated made me realize that she was the one.”



When Nicole received a great job opportunity in Smyrna, Greg “followed her down and chased her to the altar before she got away.” They have now been married 11 years.

This past September, Greg and Nicole added a beautiful daughter, Lyla Drew to their family. Greg also has one other son, Dustin who is 21 and lives in Louisiana with his daughter Aria.


Nicole went to University of Illinois in Chicago and worked in the insurance field for Kaplan until she started calling American Family Insurance home. She now works directly with their state office.

Greg is a Tiger from LSU and can be easily spotted on Saturdays in the fall wearing the team’s purple and gold. He worked in public relations for twelve years, but with the constant uncertainty of the industry and the extensive travel it was a difficult business to be in with a young family. Greg got the bug for working in insurance and small business when he worked for an insurance agency in Baton Rouge. It was this job that put him through college, and sparked his dream to own a small business and create jobs.

Insurance was a perfect fit, and in May of 2013, they opened the local American Family Insurance Agency in Dallas. Greg loves being involved in the community and getting to know his clients on a personal level.



As a family, spending quality time together is very important to Greg and Nicole. Prior to Lyla’s arrival, the couple loved to travel and see the country. Today they keep their adventures closer to home by camping with their church family at Dallas First United Methodist. After visiting their friends at a campground and seeing all the fun the families were having outside in nature, the Perry’s decided they wanted the same experiences so they bought a travel trailer. Now they go camping about once a month with five other families. “It’s cleansing for the soul to spend a few days outside in God’s creation, unplugging and seeing all the kids having the times of their lives doing the same things we did as kids. We want our daughter to grow up with these same experiences, so this is how we spend most of our free time now.”

Father’s Day is special for Greg as it makes him grateful for his own father.


“My Dad is the man I look up to the most. [He] was the kind of Dad that worked overtime, sometimes working two jobs so my mom could stay home, and keep my sister and me out of trouble. Somehow, he still found time to coach my baseball or basketball teams, and cheer from the stands on Friday nights when I was in marching band. My Dad always made time for us, always! It swells my heart and [fills me] with pride to see my son be such a great example to his daughter, just like my Dad was to me. I have found that one of the biggest shames in life is that, as a kid, you don’t have the maturity to realize just how special your parents are until you are much older, so you don’t get to acknowledge them for how great they are in the moment. I just assumed everyone had a great Dad who was always in their corner.”

As Greg, his father and son celebrate this special day together, we wish them and ALL the wonderful dads in Paulding a blessed and Happy Father’s Day!

*Many thanks to Lori McBrayer of McBrayer Ranch for use of her beautiful event facility during our cover shoot. www.mcbrayerranch.com.