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Herbs, Vitamins and More – Helping you Thrive, Not Just Survive

By Cole A. Gray

Jill Gilson’s story begins with a host of health issues including fibromyalgia, digestive issues and chronic fatigue syndrome. On the worst days, she spent as many as 16 hours in bed. The turning point was seeing a holistic chiropractor, who prescribed all-natural remedies. Within three days, she felt well enough to walk around the house a little more than normal. Three months later, Gilson was back at work. And after a year, her symptoms of 20-plus years were completely reversed.

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She got to know the owner of her local herb and vitamin shop after many trips to pick up the holistic treatments her chiropractor ordered and was eventually offered a part-time job. After some time there, friends, family and customers told her she should open her own natural herb shop. In May 2017, she opened Herbs Vitamins & More on Cedarcrest Road in Dallas.

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“As a testimony to natural healing, I wanted to open a store in this community to help others get their lives back, just as I got mine back,” Gilson said. “We all deserve to live our lives to the fullest.”

Gilson says the store’s motto is “Helping you Thrive, Not Just Survive!” She works as many as 70 hours a week, offering cleanses and detoxes for bowel, blood, liver, lung and lymphatic health. The store carries brands like Nature’s Sunshine, the first American company to put medicinal herbs into pills.

Another popular product flushes parasites from the body, which Gilson says is “very, very imperative” for personal health.

Parasites can enter the body through raw or undercooked meat, sushi, pork or even red meat. Gilson recommends detoxing from parasites twice a year and says everyone has them, especially those with children or pets.

Two new services offered at Gilson’s shop are perfect for starting the New Year toxin-free. The Himalayan Salt Cave Sauna features 50 pounds of Himalayan salt bricks. Heating the salt with far-infrared heat releases a combination of 84 elements and minerals into the air. Breathing in the sauna air can relieve asthma, COPD, allergies, sinus issues and even anxiety. The treatment even pulls toxins out of subcutaneous fat.

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The ionic foot bath cell cleanse removes toxins and body waste products through the sweat glands and pores on the bottoms of the feet. It’s as simple as wearing a wristband; the negative ions in the band and positive ions in the foot bath pull toxins from the body into the bath water. The water turns different colors, depending on the organ from which the toxins came.

Whatever New Year’s resolution is on the table this year, Herbs Vitamins & More is a good place to get a fresh start. It’s located at 1305 Cedarcrest Road, Suite 103 in Dallas. Stop by and say “Hi” to Jill; the shop is open Monday through Saturday from 10am to 6pm. Check your Our Town for a money-saving coupon.

“We are honored to be serving you in our community and will always be here to help any way we can,” Gilson said. “Happy New Year!”