June 2017 Our Town Magazine

June 2017
Cover Story: A Father's Vision
By: Brittany Kirkland

Community Spotlight: The Blake House

April 2017 Our Town Magazine

April 2017
Cover Story: Thoroughly Modern Millie
Community Spotlight: The Blake House

May 2016 Our Town Magazine

May 2016
Cover Story: And the Child Shall Lead: Hannah Daffron
Community Spotlight: Paulding Summer Lunch Program

March 2016 Our Town Magazine

March 2016
Cover Story: 2016 Paulding High School BASEBALL!!!
Community Spotlight: Music in Our Schools Month

December 2015 Our Town Magazine

December 2015
Cover Story: The Swafford Family
Community Spotlight: Caring for Our Families in Paulding County

November 2015 Our Town Magazine

November 2015
Cover Story: The Heaths
Community Spotlight: Warehouse of Hope

October 2015 Our Town Magazine

October 2015
Cover Story: IronE and Commaleta Singleton
Community Spotlight: My Father's House

August 2015 Our Town Magazine

August 2015
Cover Story: Victor and Alyssa Holmes
Community Spotlight: The Art of Selflessness

June 2015 Our Town Magazine

June 2015
Cover Story: The Hutchesons
Community Spotlight: Foster Care Crisis in Paulding County

March 2015 Our Town Magazine

March 2015
Cover Story: 2015 High School Baseball
Community Spotlight: Are You Ready to Spring Forward?

February 2015 Our Town Magazine

February 2015
Cover Story: Alicia Simmons and Lance Ballenger
Community Spotlight: Olde Town Hiram Business Association

January 2015 Our Town Magazine

January 2015
Cover Story: The Mollohans
Community Spotlight: Mental Health New Year's Resolutions

June 2014 Our Town Magazine

June 2014
Cover Story: Alex and Brianne Leischow
Community Spotlight: Celebrating Father's Day

April 2014 Our Town Magazine

April 2014
Community Spotlight: Camp Dream - A Place where Disabilities Disappear

March 2014 Our Town Magazine

March 2014
Cover Story: Julia and Lauren Maxwell
Community Spotlight: No Longer Bound

February 2014 Our Town Magazine

February 2014
Cover Story: Lacy and Corey Dunn
Community Spotlight: Children's Foundation of Paulding

January 2014 Our Town Magazine

January 2014
Cover Story: Betsey Joyner - "Living Proof"
Community Spotlight: LAUGHING THROUGH THE TEARS 2004

November 2013 Our Town Magazine

November 2013
Cover Story: Meet the Taylors!
Community Spotlight: Honoring and Assisting Veterans

October 2013 Our Town Magazine

October 2013
Cover Story: Sparks Fly!
Community Spotlight: Paulding County Public Safety Appreciation Day

July 2013 Our Town Magazine

July 2013
Cover Story: The Mortons
Community Spotlight: Salute to America 2013 Air Show

March 2013 Our Town Magazine

March 2013
Cover Story: The Hallford Family
Community Spotlight: My Father's House

February 2013 Our Town Magazine

February 2013
Cover Story: Janet West and Chris Webb
Community Spotlight: Kam's Auto Service

December 2012 Our Town Magazine

December 2012
Cover Story: Merry Chrismas!

October 2012 Our Town Magazine

October 2012
Cover Story: Happy Birthday Our Town!
Community Spotlight: Paulding County Public Safety Appreciation Day

September 2012 Our Town Magazine

September 2012
Cover Story: High School Football 2012
Community Spotlight: Paulding County Fall 2012 Football Schedule

August 2012 Our Town Magazine

August 2012
Cover Story: Katelyn and Chris Stanford
Community Spotlight: Community Fundraiser for the Nall Family

June 2012 Our Town Magazine

June 2012
Cover Story: Bridget Hale
Community Spotlight: Divas and Deals - a Girls' Night Out

May 2012 Our Town Magazine

May 2012
Cover Story: Taylor LeCroy and Justin Perkins
Community Spotlight: Paulding County Libraries

April 2012 Our Town Magazine

April 2012
Cover Story: The Rodgers
Community Spotlight: The Bullock Hope House

February 2012 Our Town Magazine

February 2012
Cover Story: Jaclyn and Marcus Aldridge
Community Spotlight: Habitat for Humanity

January 2012 Our Town Magazine

January 2012
Cover Story: Katharina Craine
Community Spotlight: Habitat for Humanity

November 2011 Our Town Magazine

November 2011
Cover Story: Meet the Robisons!
Community Spotlight: Paulding Angels on a Misson

October 2011 Our Town Magazine

October 2011
Cover Story: The Foust Family
Community Spotlight: Hope for Histio

September 2011 Our Town Magazine

September 2011
Cover Story: Local Marching Bands
Community Spotlight: Operation Poverty

July 2011 Our Town Magazine

July 2011
Cover Story: Happy Birthday, America!
Community Spotlight: River of Life

June 2011 Our Town Magazine

June 2011
Cover Story: The Coles
Community Spotlight: Farmers Markets - Now Open in Hiram and Dallas

May 2011 Our Town Magazine

May 2011
Cover Story: The Griffins

March 2011 Our Town Magazine

March 2011
Cover Story: Engle Coulter
Community Spotlight: Angels Among Us

February 2011 Our Town Magazine

February 2011
Cover Story: Loran and Peggy Wills
Community Spotlight: Paulding County Senior Center

January 2011 Our Town Magazine

January 2011
Cover Story: The Adamson Family
Community Spotlight: Helping Hands of Paulding County

December 2010 Our Town Magazine

December 2010
Cover Story: The Felix Family
Community Spotlight: 13th Annual Cops for Kids

November 2010 Our Town Magazine

November 2010
Cover Story: The Turners
Community Spotlight: The Garvins

October 2010 Our Town Magazine

October 2010
Cover Story: The Turners
Community Spotlight: United Way Kicks-Off 2010 Campaign in Paulding County

September 2010 Our Town Magazine

September 2010
Cover Story: Local Cheerleaders
Community Spotlight: Fourth Annual Cornerstone Community 5K Challenge

August 2010 Our Town Magazine

August 2010
Cover Story: The Viness Family and The Goodman Family
Community Spotlight: Skids 4 Kids

July 2010 Our Town Magazine

July 2010
Cover Story: Brooke Dorris
COMMUNITY SPOTLIGHT: Jazzercise of Dallas

June 2010 Our Town Magazine

June 2010
Cover Story: The Baileys

April 2010 Our Town Magazine

April 2010
Cover Story: Zack Wheeler

March 2010 Our Town Magazine

March 2010
Cover Story: Marine PFC Jason Hill Estopinal

February 2010 Our Town Magazine

February 2010
Cover Story: Jared McCravy and Kara Pritchard
COMMUNITY SPOTLIGHT: West Atlanta/Douglas Choral Society

January 20 Our Town Magazine

January 2010

November 2009 Our Town Magazine

November 2009
Cover Story: John and June Henderson

October 2009 Our Town Magazine

October 2009
Cover Story: Breast Cancer Awareness
COMMUNITY SPOTLIGHT: The Centre at Arbor Connection

September 2009 Our Town Magazine

September 2009
Cover Story: Paulding Football

August 2009 Our Town Magazine

August 2009
Cover Story: Paulding County Libraries

July 2009 Our Town Magazine

July 2009
Cover Story: The Cusack Family

June 2009 Our Town Magazine

June 2009
Cover Story: West Ridge Church - RIDGE RIDERS!
COMMUNITY SPOTLIGHT: Pinnacle Orthopaedics

May 2009 Our Town Magazine

May 2009
Cover Story: The Griffin Family
COMMUNITY SPOTLIGHT: Ragsdale Heating and Air

April 2009 Our Town Magazine

April 2009
Cover Story: East Paulding High School Theatre Company

March 2009 Our Town Magazine

March 2009
Cover Story: The Farmer Family

February 2009 Our Town Magazine

February 2009
Cover Story: Lovebirds Jay Worthy & Allison
COMMUNITY SPOTLIGHT: Rossitch Pediatric Dentistry

January 2009 Our Town Magazine

January 2009
Cover Story: Blue Eyed Grass: Jayron Weaver & Lenora Reed
COMMUNITY SPOTLIGHT: Hiram Animal Hospital

December 2008 Our Town Magazine

December 2008
Cover Story: Live Nativity by students at Colonial Hills Christian School
COMMUNITY SPOTLIGHT: Favorite Time Academy

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