Seasonal - Sizzling Summer Time - Some Tips to Keep Cool

Sizzling Summer Time – Some Tips to Keep Cool

By Terre Grable

Just take a step outside and you will know it is summer time. In the South, the temperatures are sizzling hot, and the humidity is high. As a mom with small children, the heat can make me uncomfortable and grumpy. Perhaps that is why the mosquitoes prefer to hangout by the pools of water – they may be just as miserable as we are! Even our pets are uncomfortable as they come in the house with their tongues hanging out of the side of their mouths!

Yet as a mom, we know the day and fun must carry on. If you are at a loss of how to survive the sizzling summer heat, then here are some tips that require very little time to help everyone keep cool:

1. Sprinkler/water slide

I am amazed how much enjoyment kids still get out of the back yard sprinkler. Remember when we were kids how much we enjoyed the backyard sprinkler? It is better than the ice cream truck for some kids. For added fun, we put the lawn sprinkler on our slide to make our own “Water Slide.” A word of caution: bathing suits can really make a kid fly on slides!

2. Give the dog a bath

Want to have some pure visual enjoyment? Hand complete control over to a small child to bathe a dog. Then grab a glass of sweet tea, sit back and watch the show while they have the hose in one hand, shampoo in the next and chasing the dog at the same time. You can’t pay for entertainment like this. Add some chips and salsa and you’ve got a party.

3. Wash the car

It doesn’t really matter if it is perfect or not, usually a quick rinse is enough to get the cars and the kids clean. Do it at night and you may be able to save you some bath time torment.

4. Join the swim team

Swim teams are great for making sure kids get their exercise, exert some energy and stay cool in the summer. They learn new strokes, get to be around other kids and enjoy the pool all at the same time.

5. Popsicles for morning snack

Smoothies for breakfast followed by popsicles for snack. What could be better? You don’t even have to buy them because there are so many recipes on the internet that taste great. Older kids love to make their own secret recipes to share with the family.

6. Make your own ice cream

After being lost in the Great Abyss of our cupboards, we finally dug out the ice cream maker a few weeks ago. There are endless recipes for homemade ice cream, offering more choices than your local supermarket. Also, if your house deals with dairy allergies, it is a great way to save some money by making your own dairy free ice cream. We have also rediscovered our love for sorbets.

7. Use the grill

If you can’t stand the heat, get out of the kitchen – literally. Summer is a great time to ‘beef’ up your grilling techniques. (Sorry about the pun.) We have cooked so many vegetables from our garden: cabbage, zucchini, acorn squash, baked potatoes. There are endless possibilities.

8. Hang out with friends

The summer heat can affect everyone. Sometimes passing the time with friends can be a great way for moms and their kids to keep cool and forget about the sizzling summer heat.

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