Yummy Jars for Matthew

Matthew 1Yummy Jars for Matthew was started by Dawn Hart in the fall of 2016 to give her a sustainable income so she could stay home with her son Matthew. Matthew is a fun-loving, six year old little boy who LOVES trains, people, dancing; and he’s fighting pediatric brain cancer.


It’s quick and easy! By mixing a few staple ingredients with the mix in the Yummy Jar, you’ll be make something “yummy” for your family, while helping Matthew’s!


Every other month, they will email their newsletter or post the upcoming flavors on their Facebook page – Yummy Jars for Matthew. The newsletter lists the current flavor offerings to pick from and the dates they are available. There is no minimum if ordering during these times. They also offer their entire year’s menu at any time, but a minimum order of four per flavor selected applies.

Matthew Yummy Jars

The Yummy Jar’s options change throughout the year. There are special ones for Valentine’s Day, the Super Bowl, Easter, Mother’s and Father’s Day, End of School and more! For the month of November they are offering their Thanksgiving/Fall Jars including:

Any Fruit Cobbler
Pumpkin Protein Pancakes
Pumpkin Oat Walnut Cookies
Sugar Cookies with M&Ms
Peanut Butter M&M Cookies
Peanut Butter Banana Trail Mix
White Chicken Crockpot Chili

The Christmas menu will be available mid-November, but their most popular Christmas Jars are Toffee Blondie Bars, Fudge Nut Brownie and White Chicken Chili. So now is a great time to get on their mailing list.

Yummy Jars

The Hart family moved here from Seattle in 2014. In addition to operating “Yummy Jars for Matthew,” Dawn is a homemaker and homeschools her children so they can all be together. Her husband Jayson teaches 9th grade Geography at Paulding County High School; and, they have two more children – Henry, age 10 and Libby, age 8.

Matthew Family

Making the jars is definitely a family affair for the Harts. Dawn decides on the flavors, then makes and decorates the jars. Jayson does all of the shopping and deliveries. Henry and Libby help Dawn bag and tag things, and Matthew loves to help stir and make cute little videos about each flavor.

Matthew Siblings 2In one of her blogs, Dawn shares, “I do know that God always knew that Matthew was going to need me, however long that may be for. He always knew just how to put my personality to good use. He had a plan and was maneuvering it every step of the way. He calms and molds my dreams when I ask Him. I am so thankful to be home. It is a privilege and blessing.”


The Yummy Jars make great gifts and can be ready in as little as 24 hours. They can be picked up at Russom Elementary, Paulding County High School, Mars Hill Community Church or near their home off Cedarcrest in North Paulding. The jars are $10 each, or 3 for $27, or 12 for $100, and can be paid for at

For more information or to sign up for their newsletter, email Dawn at or visit them on Facebook: If you aren’t interested in the jars, they also have an Amazon Wish List at Dawn Christine Hart.