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The Dixon Family

Nicki and Marcus Dixon fell in love with the quietness and calm of Paulding County, and have called it home for 12 years. It was the peacefulness they were looking for to raise their children, while being close enough to Atlanta for family gatherings.
Nicki is originally from Chicopee, Massachusetts. She was 19 when she moved to Marietta. Then a student at UMASS, she decided she wanted a change. She visited Atlanta the year before, and felt connected to the hospitality and culture. Nicki became a student at Kennesaw State University where she studied accounting. After earning her degree, she began her journey in entrepreneurship and now owns and operates the family’s business, Dallas Party Booth, LLC. (Dallas Party
Marcus was 12 when his family moved to Smyrna by way of Gary, Indiana. He joined the United States Marine Corps after high school and was stationed in Okinawa, Japan for six years. There he indulged in the ocean life and learned to scuba dive. Marcus describes the Okinawan culture as quiet and peaceful, but says it’s also known for its abundance of international cuisine. In his last two years of duty, he served at Naval Air Station Atlanta. He was honorably discharged after his eight years enlistment and returned to the civilian world.
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Nicki and Marcus met while living in Marietta. They have been married 13 years and have two children. Their oldest, Caden is 11 and youngest, Laila is 8.
Caden is an enthusiastic young man who is into Marvel comics, loves fishing, and drawing. For the past three years, he has become involved in boxing. His favorite athlete is Muhammad Ali, and he lives by Ali’s famous quote “Your service to others is the rent you pay for your room on earth.” Caden is a lover of all animals and plans to pursue a career in the veterinarian field.  
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Laila is very outgoing and makes friends wherever she goes. She is part of a jazz and ballet studio, and follows in her brother’s footsteps by practicing boxing as well. She loves to read, has a great sense of humor and is the “known” prankster of the family. Laila plans to pursue a career as a Chef. So, during the quarantine she made great use of her time by coming up with new and creative recipes for the family to try.
The Dixon’s feel blessed to be part of a homeschool community. Nicki says, “We like that we can take an active roll in what [the children] are learning and being exposed to. It was definitely a transition in the beginning, but with the help of other homeschool moms and friends, we were encouraged and uplifted. As homeschoolers, we get a chance to really focus on a particular subject or further explore a deeper depth of a topic without a time crunch. I give teachers a huge round of applause for their dedication!”
Dixon Dock Back CMYKThe quarantine gave Nicki and Marcus the chance to step back and cherish each moment with their children. They began having family movie nights, where they introduced Caden and Laila to the movies they loved as children. Their two favorites so far are, “Honey, I Shrunk the Kids” and “Goonies.” Like her mom, Laila has ‘grown’ a passion for gardening, and Marcus and Caden developed a new workout routine, and started research and journaling previous boxing championships. 
“We were able to use this quiet time to draw closer to God, meditate, and focus on ourselves individually and collectively. Just like our plants need healthy roots to thrive, we need a healthy mindset to thrive. Our mindset determines what we put out in the world, and determines our drive or lack thereof. It truly determines if we live life to the fullest or we simply just exist.”